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Course resumes Nov 2, 2016. You can sign up at any time for this open-ended online course, run through a private listserv, with occasional webcasts. Questions?

Text readings: advance excerpts from Secret History of the Witches, and links to online resources.
© 2009 Max Dashu

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Readings and discussions include:

Primordial Goddess cosmologies. The Moirae.

Pythias, Black Doves, and other oracular women

Greek patriarchy: Athens, Sparta, and older substrates

Priestesses, temples, women's ceremonies; constraints, appropriations and displacements.

Mythic conquests (of goddesses under rape culture).

Demonizing the women of Lemnos and Libya.

Mysteries of the Two Goddesses (Demeter and Persephone)

Kybele and Rhea. Maenads and bacchantes.

Female philosophers and poets.

Greek witches, and the sexual, ethnic, and class politics of persecution

Circe, Medea, and Hekate.

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