Low-income scholarships for online courses

If you are low-income, you can subscribe at a lower rate per month, suggested amount $21.

Use the Donate button on the PrePay page, and enter your amount. You don't have to pay more than one month in advance, and can keep renewing by using this button.

If you don't have credit cards, you can send a check or money order made out to Max Dashu (see Prepay page for details), though it will take longer to enroll you. Please don't send cash in the mail.

Who qualifies for the scholarships:

Low-income participants are welcome to subscribe by scholarship. You are the ones who it is intended for, and are often the most reluctant to ask.

I am a strong believer in sliding scale. However, this has presented difficulties since people with higher incomes often try to claim the low end of the scale, while those who are struggling will try to pay higher than they can afford, because they are embarrassed to ask, or because they desire to support feminist history, understanding how severely underfunded it is.

If you earn a professional salary, travel abroad, own your own home or a new car; get money or property from parents, husband, or partner; have paid vacations and other benefits, eat out often, and above all, if you pay for other classes at higher rates, you do not qualify for the scholarship.

I have zero desire to investigate people’s incomes, but reserve the right to refuse scholarships to people who don't qualify. The scholarships depend on honesty and fair dealing, and on valuing women's work and understanding of how much of it is involved in pulling together these resources. So please vote for the change you want to see in the world.

Max Dashu